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Iona Beach Park
A lovely hiking park with great views of birds, sea life, Vancouver, airport …
Eastern Drive Park
A small park next to two other larger parks, but offers lots of grass and three playing courts
Hawthorne Park
A gem of a park in north Surrey
Elgin Heritage Park
A lovely park alongside the Nicomekl River
Beginning the year in Kwomais Point Park
A pleasant early January day to visit the Ocean Park Park
Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve
Quite a find and in the middle of Surrey no less
Castle Park
A good-sized park in Port Coquitlam
Settlers Park (Confederation Park)
A bright open park with lots of amenities to make ones visit a pleasure
Pitt River Greenway
A long park alongside the Pitt and Fraser Rivers
A Visit to Peace Arch Park, Finally
A lovely park to visit with lots of space for antennas
Return to Chilliwack Mountain
A short walk with a nice viewpoint, most of the time
Return to Maple Green Park
A plesant park with tennis courts, a kids play area and lots of green space
Topham Park
A school and community garden share space in this little park
Kanaka Creek Park
A big hidden gem amongst us
Return To Kwomais Point Park
A very lovely park for radio activities
Mount Thom Revisited
A very pleasant day for a hike to the summit of Mount Thom
Kilby Park
Most were enjoying the sun and the water, me, I was playing radio
The New and Improved Saint Marks
A lovely hike with an exceptional view at the end.
Thompson Regional Park
A small park but ideal for picnics and kids
Return to Derby Reach
A longer visit to discover more areas of this restive park in North Langley
James Kennedy Park
A lovely little park on the side of a school ground.
Hiking Mount Strachan
Always a pleasant mountain to visit, even without a view
A Visit to Glen Valley Park
A lovely area nestled next to the Fraser River
A Visit to Black Mountain
My annual trek to the summit, a busy place on the trail
Kwomais Point Park
A lovely park on the bluff in Ocean Park
Elk and Beaver Lakes Park
A hot day on the grass doing radio while many splashed in the lake
Mount Tolmie in the heat
A short visit to the summit area before we checked into our hotel
Hudson Bay Park
A small park in Fort Langley
Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park
A pleasant spot to soak up some sun with a fresh sea breeze
Snowy Hollyburn
It may be mid-July but the snow on Hollyburn was deep
Walnut Grove Community Park
A busy area in the warm sun, yet lots of room for more
Porteau Cove – Strike One
A lovely drive and a very scenic location, just pits for radio
Return to Farrer Peak
An ideal day for a hike to a summit
Return To Surrey Bend
A large park with long trails to enjoy
Derby Reach
A lovely park to visit
A short visit to Coutts Park
A small but scenic park in Port Coquitlam
A first Visit to Douglas Taylor Park
A park for walking on grassy trails
An Afternoon at Morningside
A small park in Fleetwood with lots of grass
High on Cedar Greens
A lovely treed park in central Surrey
Bear Hill on the go
A pleasant little hike, very different than in mid summer
A visit to Uplands Park
Uplands Park is a very pleasant area with beach views and trails through grassy fields
Beacon Hill Park
Looking down on the Strait of Juan de Fuca
A Quick Visit to Mount Doug
A pleasant little hill to visit with a lovely view
Green Timbers Park
A large busy park, a fun place to visit
Jackman Wetlands Park
Watch out for the discs! A spacious area to spread out one’s antennas – almost
Maple Green One, Eric Zero
A lovely little park in central Surrey, but it wasn’t our day.
Quick Jaunt to Blackie Spit
A visit to the Spit it always refreshing even when a short one
An Adventure up a No Name Mountain
A short but steep hike brought us to the summit of this Sumas sub-peak
A visit to Maple Park
A pleasant park with lots of open space and lots of trees
Dacre Park
This park has some lovely grass areas, ideal for picnicking and playing fetch with one’s dog