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Mt Cheam on the last day of summer
It was my seventh (at least) time hiking Mt Cheam, and as before the views were stunning...
September 21, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Gwendoline Peak in the Clouds
A pleasant day for doing radio work on a summit, though the cloud did keep it cool
September 5, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Activating Mount Archibald
It was a tougher hike than expected but I made it to the top and back in one piece this...
August 31, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Return to Farrer Peak
Normally quite crowded, mid-week it was quite empty, so nice
August 24, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Norrish Creek
It was to be a visit to Dewdney Peak, but a locked gate blocked the way
August 9, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Mount Strachan without the Crowds
Today I finished the four summits around Cypress Bowl for this season, all are lovely...
August 1, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Return to Saint Marks Summit
A beautiful day for a hike through the trees to a lovely view point
July 18, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Speed Activating Black Mountain
A lovely hike on the way up, a wet one on the way down
July 11, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Hollyburn with Clouds
It felt good being back on the Hollyburn trail
July 4, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Mount Agassiz, Finally
After three failed attempts, it felt good reaching the summit.
June 25, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Mt Woodside with Rain
The rain made for a very wet and short stay on the summit
May 30, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Sumas Peak get-a-way
A pleasant day for an easy hike to an old friend
May 18, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Vedder Peak Stroll
It was my first-time hiking Vedder in the Spring, the small lakes were full and the trail...
May 9, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
McKee Peak in the Sun
After a week’s delay, our hike up McKee was a delightful romp in the fresh air.
March 21, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Grant Hill Awaits
An easy but still rewarding summit to visit
February 8, 2020 Serendipitous Discoveries
Gwendoline Peak
A lovely day to sit in the sun and play radio
November 2, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
Kettle Creek Bridges (day 10)
A few of the bridges crossing the lower end of Kettle Creek
October 25, 2019 Ontario Adventures
St Thomas and the River Thames (day 8)
Elevated parks and a river named Thames
October 23, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Port Stanley (Day 7)
Blustery Winds soak the causeway
October 22, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Roberts Line and Port Bruce (day 6)
A short day revisiting some regular spots
October 21, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Rattlesnake Point (day 4)
A walk with a rattlesnake
October 19, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Dundas Point and Smokey Hollow (Day 3)
Today we visited two locations - Dundas Point and the Smokey Hollow Waterfall
October 18, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Rock Point Park ( Day 2)
A few scenes of the Welland River and Rock Point Park
October 17, 2019 Ontario Adventures
Defeated by Mount Archibald
I had planned to activate Archibald for some time, now I need to wait even longer!
September 29, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
Return to Grant Hill
Sometimes one just needs to get out and enjoy some backcountry even if it is in the...
September 21, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
Vedder Mountain for Three
A lovely day for a hike through the trees
September 2, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
No Room Left on Mount Cheam
Cheam has become extremely popular for hikers, it is now crowded on the summit
August 31, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
Hunter Creek for Lunch
A pleasant day in the hills with my son and grandsons
August 24, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
Return to Mount Strachan
My last time on Strachan was 4 years ago, so it was overdue for a visit
August 17, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries
A Romp up Black
Nick and I enjoyed a quick hike up Black Mountain
August 5, 2019 Serendipitous Discoveries