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Kilby Park
Most were enjoying the sun and the water, me, I was playing radio
The New and Improved Saint Marks
A lovely hike with an exceptional view at the end.
Thompson Regional Park
A small park but ideal for picnics and kids
Return to Derby Reach
A longer visit to discover more areas of this restive park in North Langley
James Kennedy Park
A lovely little park on the side of a school ground.
Hiking Mount Strachan
Always a pleasant mountain to visit, even without a view
A Visit to Glen Valley Park
A lovely area nestled next to the Fraser River
A Visit to Black Mountain
My annual trek to the summit, a busy place on the trail
Kwomais Point Park
A lovely park on the bluff in Ocean Park
Elk and Beaver Lakes Park
A hot day on the grass doing radio while many splashed in the lake
Mount Tolmie in the heat
A short visit to the summit area before we checked into our hotel
Hudson Bay Park
A small park in Fort Langley
Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park
A pleasant spot to soak up some sun with a fresh sea breeze
Snowy Hollyburn
It may be mid-July but the snow on Hollyburn was deep
Walnut Grove Community Park
A busy area in the warm sun, yet lots of room for more
Porteau Cove – Strike One
A lovely drive and a very scenic location, just pits for radio
Return to Farrer Peak
An ideal day for a hike to a summit
Return To Surrey Bend
A large park with long trails to enjoy
Derby Reach
A lovely park to visit
A short visit to Coutts Park
A small but scenic park in Port Coquitlam
A first Visit to Douglas Taylor Park
A park for walking on grassy trails
An Afternoon at Morningside
A small park in Fleetwood with lots of grass
High on Cedar Greens
A lovely treed park in central Surrey
Bear Hill on the go
A pleasant little hike, very different than in mid summer
A visit to Uplands Park
Uplands Park is a very pleasant area with beach views and trails through grassy fields
Beacon Hill Park
Looking down on the Strait of Juan de Fuca
A Quick Visit to Mount Doug
A pleasant little hill to visit with a lovely view
Green Timbers Park
A large busy park, a fun place to visit
Jackman Wetlands Park
Watch out for the discs! A spacious area to spread out one’s antennas – almost
Maple Green One, Eric Zero
A lovely little park in central Surrey, but it wasn’t our day.
Quick Jaunt to Blackie Spit
A visit to the Spit it always refreshing even when a short one
An Adventure up a No Name Mountain
A short but steep hike brought us to the summit of this Sumas sub-peak
A visit to Maple Park
A pleasant park with lots of open space and lots of trees
Dacre Park
This park has some lovely grass areas, ideal for picnicking and playing fetch with one’s dog
Skyline Park
A simple area with a lovely city view
Surrey Lake Park
Such a lovely spot, a shame I never visited the lake park before
Marian Kroeker Park
A pleasant visit a tiny park next to a busy highway
Deas Island Park
A lovely day to visit a lovely park
A Visit to Fortress Park
A small park with a three spoke entrance
Surrey Bend Regional Park
This park touches the Fraser River and got its name from the bend the river makes here
Grant Hill for Three
A tiny summit but the fresh air is still worth the effort
Burns Bog
Mostly closed to the public but some areas are open for adventure
Iron Mountain Again
A lovely little hike up a service road, but no views from the top
A day trip to Brae Island Park
Today we visited an island park in Fort Langley
Unfriendly Abbey Glen Park
This park was determined for me to go away, I remained to my peril
Sequoia Ridge Park
A small park with lots of brambles
Boundary Bay Regional Park
Deja Vue, weren’t we just here?
Aldergrove Regional Park
Just added to the list, it was perfect timing to be the first to activate it
Activating Fleetwood Park
Another new spot for us to check out and setup our gear
Return to McKee
My annual trek to top of Mckee was a month early this year, such a lovely day it was